Electrostatic Precipitators and Mist Collection

Do electrostatic precipitators make good mist collectors?

Yes. In fact, electrostatic precipitators have been used successfully for over 60 years in numerous industrial air filtration applications. It is a time proven technology. With HEPA-like efficiencies, electrostatic precipitators are among the most efficient mist collectors on the market today.

Electrostatic precipitators work by pulling polluted air through an ionized field, which charges the particles. Those particles then pass through a collection cell made up of positive and negative charged plates, which attract or repel the charged particles. The charged particles attach to the collection cell plates and are effectively removed from the air stream. When collecting mist and oily smoke, mist particles will combine with other mist particles and form droplets. When the droplets become large enough, they drip off the collection cell, effectively cleaning the collection cell and reducing maintenance.

Unfortunately, the electrostatic precipitator has received bad publicity from companies that specialize in and make their profit by selling aftermarket filters. Most filter-type mist collectors today are designed to provide about one year of filter life before filter changing is required. If you purchase a 1000 to 1300 CFM mist collector for a mist and light smoke application, you probably paid between $5,000 and $10,000, including complete installation, ducted and wired. Each year, that same system can cost over $1,000 to do a complete filter change-out. In 10 years time, you may pay as much or more in replacement filters than the initial price of the mist collector.

The filter companies know that electrostatic precipitators do not work on all mist applications. Trion agrees. No single mist collector works best for all mist applications. In fact, many mist applications today require that a “standard” configuration mist collector be reconfigured to provide optimal service life. Electrostatic precipitators can also require reconfiguring to optimize the system to your specific application needs.

Call your authorized Trion Representative today and learn how Trion’s electrostatic precipitators may be your next best mist collector. If you have an older electrostatic precipitator, your authorized Trion Representative may be able to help you determine how best to use it or reconfigure it for your needs.

Electrostatic Precipitator Facts

  • Can achieve up to HEPA-like efficiencies when properly designed
  • Have no disposable filters
  • Collected mist drains off the collection cell; no filter media to soak up and retain the mist
  • Best suited for oily mist and smoke applications