Electrostatic Precipitators for Kitchen Exhaust

There are multiple choices you have today as a restaurant owner when it comes to filtering your kitchen hood exhaust air. One of the oldest technologies used today is still the best option: Electrostatic Precipitators. Electrostatic Precipitators work by charging the smoke and grease particles as they pass through an ionization field. The charged particles then go into a collection cell made up of oppositely charged metal plates that push and/or pull the charged particles onto the plates and out of the air stream.

Unlike other technologies used today, electrostatic precipitators (under normal operating conditions) require only minimal maintenance. By installing a system with an automatic wash cycle, maintenance can be as simple as a periodic check to ensure the system is operating normally and refilling the detergent when it gets low. Although electrostatic precipitators may use filters as a safety back-up, under normal operating conditions, these filters do not require frequent changing like systems that use disposable filters as their primary filtration technology. In fact, not having to frequently change filters is the number one reason electrostatic precipitators are used today.

The second reason to use electrostatic precipitators in your kitchen hood exhaust is that the airflow will remain constant and continue removing the grease and smoke from the kitchen area. With the automatic wash system of the electrostatic precipitator keeping the collection cells clean, the pressure drop across the system will remain constant and more importantly, the airflow will remain constant. Nothing would be more upsetting than having to perform maintenance on your system during your busiest hours because the airflow dropped and the kitchen was filling up with smoke and grease.

When purchasing your next kitchen hood exhaust filtration system, consider the long-term cost of the complete system, including the life-cycle cost. As maintaining other type of systems can require a frequent and significant amount of time maintaining, not to mention cost of replacement filters and parts, the cost of maintenance must always be considered. With an automatic washing electrostatic precipitator, you can be in the kitchen cooking or hosting your customers, instead of being covered with grease maintaining other types of filtration systems.

Electrostatic Precipitator Facts

  • HEPA-like efficiency is available.
  • With automatic wash system, Electrostatic Precipitators require the minimum amount of maintenance.
  • There is constant and consistent airflow day after day.
  • Filtration components are cleanable, not disposable, reducing maintenance and landfilling requirements.
  • Life-cycle cost of an electrostatic precipitator is typically less than other filtration technologies.