Herrtonic® MD

Herrtronic® MD


Herrtronic® self-generating steam humidifiers advance the purity of clean steam. Applications including computer rooms, cleanrooms, laboratories, telecommunication switch gear facilities, schools, offices, and printing facilities now have many humidification options. Available with a wide variety of steam distribution packages, including room distribution units, standard duct dispersion, and the more advanced Herricane™-CS series; with available rapid absorption distance guarantee for critical applications, the Herrtronic Electrode Steam Humidifiers are extremely efficient. Herrtronic units can operate with a wide range of water qualities, including softened water. A drain tempering feature ensures that water draining from the unit is cool enough not to damage your plumbing.


  • Single & Double Tanks - Up to 250 lbs./hr.
  • Full Modulation
  • Fault Annunciation


  • Office Buildings
  • Computer Rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Telecommunications

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