Trion Industrial Products

Trion® Industrial Products

Cartridge Air Cleaners

Trion’s cartridge collectors are well suited for ducted and ambient industrial dust, smoke, and fume collection.

Electrostatic Precipitator (Wet/Mist Only)

From CNCs to Lube Oil Reservoirs, Trion® offers electrostatic precipitators that filter oil mist and smoke out of air, providing cleaner air with no filters to dispose.

Electrostatic Precipitator (Wet or Dry)

Trion’s multi-stage electrostatic precipitators are multi-purpose units that can be installed on either wet or dry applications, from machining to weld fume, from textile to industrial applications.

Media Wet/Dry Filtration

Trion’s media units are versatile units for all your wet, dry, sticky, and/or nasty applications.

Parts & Filters

Industrial products within this line help clean the air from heavily contaminated areas where dust, dirt, and other particles appear.