Air Boss VOMP600

Air Boss® VOMP600


Trion’s Vertical Oil Mist Precipitator (VOMP) 600 electronic mist collector is designed to remove oil/coolant mist and smoke at the source. The VOMP 600 brings you in compliance with OSHA and EPA standards, improves employee safety and working conditions, protects equipment, plant fixtures and work in progress, and reduces plant maintenance costs. The VOMP 600 can be mounted directly on the machine tool for source capture of contaminants such as water-soluble, synthetic and petroleum-based coolants and smoke.


  • High Efficiency: Up to 95% efficient on 0.3 micron particles.
  • Cleans and Re-Circulates Indoor Air: No expense to reheat or cool air.
  • Wall, Platform, or Machine Mounting: Eliminates the need for elaborate duct work and saves floor space.
  • Can Be Wired Directly to The Machine Tool Control: Operates only when the machine tool does.
  • Spiked Ionizer: Increases efficiency and reliability.
  • Collector Cell: Made of all-aluminum plates, which eliminates filter replacement costs.
  • Low Airflow Resistance: Reduces energy costs.
  • Venturi-Assisted High-Voltage Insulator: Forces clean air across critical areas of the insulator to provide longer service intervals.

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