Air Boss KES

Air Boss® KES


Kitchen Exhaust contains grease, smoke and odors which can be filtered properly to help meet EPA, state and local air quality standards. With the Trion® KES system, you'll be on good terms with both city inspectors and your commerical and residential neighbors. The KES is a multi-stage, self-contained filtration unit that ensures maximum effectiveness through the use of an Electrostatic Precipitator, a 95% DOP Media Filter, and Carbon Modules for odor control.


  • High-Efficiency at Low, Constant Pressure Drop
  • Compliance with EPA, State, and Local Air Quality Laws and Regulations
  • Cleaner, Fresher Kitchen Exhaust that Fosters "Goodwill" with Commerical and Residential Neighbors along with Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies

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