Mister-MINI® humidifiers operate by dispersing a fine mist into the warm air supply duct of your heating system. The water is evaporated by the warm air from the furnace and carried into your home by the furnace air flow. The result is a heightened indoor air quality and increased comfort. The Mister-MINI humidistat and built-in temperature switch automatically control the operation of the humidifier to ensure that the proper amount of humidity is achieved. The built-in temperature switch prevents operation if the temperature in the warm air duct is not adequate to ensure effective evaporation. The universal humidistat, installed either on the wall or in the cold air return duct, turns on the unit when the humidity level in the home is below the set-point.


  • Fast and Easy Installation – Mounts directly to the duct in only a 3.125" x 3.125" opening.
  • Compact Construction – The unit is small enough to fit into areas where larger humidifiers will not.
  • Push-To-Lock Fittings – Water connections are easy and provide simple, worry free operation.
  • Tilt-out Nozzle Assembly – Ensuring simplified maintenance by allowing quick access to the key parts of the unit.
  • Clean Humidity – Mister-MINI introduces atomized water directly to the airstream, so there is no standing water to become stagnant.
  • Versatile Sizing – Capacity is easily increased or decreased by simply changing the nozzle.

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