ComfortBreeze™ UV360-1

ComfortBreeze™ UV360-1


TRION's ComfortBreeze™ UV360-1 system enables noticeably cleaner air by attacking mold, reducing allergens, and eliminating A/C odor. Its powerful UV defense combats dangerous bio build-up occurring inside the air handler and coils. The ComfortBreeze™ UV360-1 lowers A/C cost by removing bio-film on the coils, making them more efficient by reducing A/C run time. A January 2016 ASHRAE study reports UV light eliminates ≥ 90% of microorganisms, such as fungus and mold, growing in HVAC systems, removing their bad smell. The use of UV light for A/C coil disinfection reduces the incidence or occurrence of asthma, allergic rhinitis, and hypersensitivity pneumonitis.


  • Reduces A/C run time - and thus energy use - while improving comfort and health
  • Delivers disinfected air for pennies a day
  • Safe 24V low-voltage system
  • Convenient, reliable, and affordable
  • Fast and easy to install and service
  • Includes: replaceable, high-output 17" UV-C lamp; affixable mounting hole template and hole saw; and 120V to 24V plug adapter

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