Trion Motorized Damper


Trion model TMD520 is a ventilation control system solution for residential applications up to 4,600 square feet. The system introduces outdoor ventilation air into the building envelope through an intake damper that is controlled by the microprocessor based ventilation control interface. The system controls the amount of outdoor ventilation air as required by the Ventilation and Air Quality Standard defined in ASHRAE 62.2, promoting healthier indoor air quality.


  • Adjustable damper position range stops
  • Single-blade damper
  • Galvanized steel
  • Shipped as power open/spring closed
  • Can be field-converted to power close/spring open
  • Blade closes off tightly against gasket for minimal leakage
  • Rated to operate up to 1 in. wc
  • Male (crimped) and female (uncrimped) ends to connect to any rigid or flexible round duct