Build an Energy Efficient Home, LEED-H

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (Leed-H), a voluntary program under the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), was created to establishe and define Green Construction nationally for homes.

This program measures the overall impact of a home through eight different aspects of environmental designs:

  • Innovation and Design Process
  • Location and Linkages
  • Sustainable Sites
  • Water Efficiency
  • Energy and Atmosphere
  • Materials and Resources
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Awareness and Education

Each of these design criteria have various minimum criteria that must be met, along with various options that allow for flexibility in the design of the home. For each criteria that is met or exceeded, a point system has been established. If your home receives enough point and meets the minimum criteria, the home can be certified under the LEED-H program.

Item 7, Indoor Environmental Quality, is where Trion offers you and your builder the opportunity to meet established minimums and build your point total towards certification.

The first item under Indoor Environmental Quality is humidity. LEED-H program requires control of moisture in order to provide comfort, reduce the risk of mold growth, and increase the durability of the home. For home designs where moisture levels are too low for comfort, Trion offers a complete line of Humidifiers and Humidistats.

The next item is distributuion of space heating and cooling. Contact your local Trion dealer today to discuss how they can support you in meeting the requirements of this sub-section.

Finally, Air Filtering. It is a minimum requirement that your HVAC systems uses MERV 8 filters. No points are allowed for MERV 8, but points are given out for using higher efficiency filters. For example, using a Trion Air Bear MERV 11 filter will give you at least one point towards your LEED-H certification.

Contact your local Trion Dealer today to see how they can assist you in building your LEED-H certified home.

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LEED-H Facts

  • There are four levels of LEED-H Certification: Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum.
  • 44 Points is the minimum required to achieve Certified.
  • There are a maximum of 130 points available under eight different aspects of environmental design.
  • Bonus points are awarded or subtracted based on the overall square footage of your home and the total number of bedrooms, making certification easier or harder to achieve.
  • MERV 8 is the minimum efficiency filter allowed under the program.
  • Developers of the LEED-H program state that in many cases, the reductions in operating costs will more than offset the additional up-front costs of a green home.
  • There are more than 120 million homes in the United States.