Green Solutions for Your Home

Do you compost your left-over waste? Do you adjust your thermostat at night to use less energy while you sleep? When you buy appliances, do you look for the Energy Star ® seal?

Whether you know it or not, these are activities of Green. Activies that reduce energy consumption, reduce waste, and reduce pollution are just some of the examples of living Green. Trion offers a number of solutions that are Green.

First, Trion offers you products to clean the air in your home. Under some Green programs, a MERV 8 filter is the minimum requirement. If your content with the minimum, then a Trion Air Bear with MERV 8 replacable filters is for you. If you choose to do more and excell beyond the minimum requirements, then choose a Trion Air Bear with MERV 11 replacable filter. A MERV 11 filter is designed to capture everything that a MERV 8 filter captures plus 1/2 the mass of particles that escape through a MERV 8 filter.

Although not recognized by many Green programs, an electronic air cleaner, such as the Trion HE Plus series, can capture up to 95% of particles as small as 0.1 microns. Although MERV testing was not established for electronic air cleaners, to put it in perspective, a MERV 15 filter is 85% to 95% efficient on particles 0.3 to 1 micron.

Not only does the higher efficiency mean cleaner air and greater comfort indoors using a Trion HE Plus, but there are no filters to dispose of in the trash. Just remove Trion's Forever Filters(r) periodically and wash the collected dust down the drain.

Trion can also assist you with lowering your energy usage.

Did you know that without the proper humidity in your home that it can feel up to 8 degrees cooler? Just like a humid day in the summer has a heat index hotter than the actual temperature, too little humidity has the opposite effect in the winter and can make it feel colder than it really is. The use of a properly sized and selected Trion Steam, Evaporative, or Atomizing Humidifier is just one thing you can add to your home to make it feel warmer inside without turning the thermostat up. Depending upon your normal winter indoor humidity levels, you may find with a properly selected Trion Humdifier that you can turn your thermosat down by 5 degrees and still have it feel warmer than it did last winter. According to several utility companies, a 5 degree lower setting on your thermostat can reduce the amount of energy required for heating by up to 15%.

Green Facts

  • You may already be living Green. Buying Energy Star ® appliances and adjusting your thermostat when extra heating and cooling are not needed are Green.
  • MERV 8 filters are typically the minimum requirement for Green Certified Home Programs.
  • The proper humidity levels in your home can allow for lower temperature settings in the winter while maintaining your comfort, reducing the amount of heating energy used.