Protect Your Home's Furnishings

Do you own a house with wood floors? Ever notice any spaces between the floor boards, something wide enough to slide a piece of paper into? Do you hear cracking and creeking in your home, especially in the winter? Does static electricity zap you everytime you grab a door knob?

If you answered yes to any of these or have concerns about this happening in your house, the answer may be humidity. Low humidity levels in your home can cause all of these conditions.

When spaces between your floor boards develop and you hear cracking and creaking in your home, it may be the wood in your home drying. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Services, "The moisture content of wood changes... Wood products shrink as they dry..." Ever notice a 2x4 doesn't measure 2 inches by 4 inches? The board measured 2x4 before it was dried and put on the shelf at the lumber market, but during the drying process, typically dried in a kiln, the board shrank.

Wood in your home will continue to dry out if the humidity levels are too low. Not only are wood floors effected, but all wood in your home is: furniture, shelves, window and base trim, an entertainment center, antiques, a piano, a kitchen table, a bed, etc.

To minimize the risk of further damage to the wood in your home, talk to a local Trion Dealer today about the advantages of a Trion Humidifier.

Home Facts

  • Humidity levels between 35% and 55% are recommended to reduce premature aging of your home and posessions.
  • Wood shrinks when it dries out, causing the cracking and creaking noises in your home.
  • Static electricity can occur in your home when humidity levels are too low.
  • Plants can become dehydrated with low home humidity levels.