Reduce Heating Costs

Have you ever turned your thermostat up in the winter because you were cold in your house, yet your thermostat was set at 72 degrees? Did you know that without the proper humidity in your home, it can feel up to eight degrees cooler?

Just like a humid day in the summer has a heat index hotter than the actual temperature, too little humidity has the opposite effect in the winter and can make it feel colder than it really is. The use of a properly sized and selected Trion Steam, Evaporative or Atomizing Humidifier is just one thing you can add to your home to make it feel warmer inside without turning the thermostat up. Depending upon your normal winter indoor humidity levels, you may find with a properly selected Trion Humdifier that you can turn your thermosat down by five degrees and still have it feel warmer than it did last winter. According to several utility companies, a five degree lower setting on your thermostat can reduce the amount of energy required for heating by up to 15%.

Another energy savings tip is to change your furnace filter regularly. Filters, once they become dirty, are harder to pull air through, causing your furnace fan to run harder and longer to deliver the heated air to your home. Trion Air Bear Filters are available for your Trion Air Bear Whole-House filter system as well as other competitive models.

Energy Saving Facts

  • With humidity levels near 10% in your home, it can feel up to eight degrees cooler than it really is.
  • Setting your thermostat five degrees cooler can reduce the amount of energy used to heat your home by up to 15%.
  • If you have older appliances, such as your furnace, air conditioner, stove, oven, and refrigerator, consider upgrading. Talk to your local appliance dealer about possible energy savings by upgrading. Check for rebates as well. Many power companies offer rebates when you upgrade your applicances to new, energy efficiency systems.
  • Old and drafty windows and doors are the number one source of heat loss in most homes.